Thursday, December 4, 2008

Analyzing Obama's Successful Fashion Strategy

First, consider the claim that he builds his wardrobe on five different colored, but identical suits. Letting it be known that his suits were, in Mr. Obama's own words, "fairly standard", and that he typically bought five of the same suit, was in a word, brilliant. That simple statement helped to establish the candidate as a "regular guy" that we could identify with. Never mind that his suits are tailored, and that the price tag for each is in the neighborhood of $1,500.00. In fairness, that isn't an overwhelmingly exorbitant price, but in these tough economic times, $7,500.00 for five suits isn't a drop in the bucket for many of us. Nevertheless, the impact of the statement itself appears to have been positive.

Second, let's examine wearing the suit without the necktie. From the outset of his campaign, then Senator Obama needed to connect with as many factions of the American public as possible. The presentation of a clean-cut, well-dressed African American personality was well planned and perfectly executed. In repeatedly appearing without the tie, another important connection was made, to the younger voters. Sadly, even in professional fields, today's young adults often tend to consider men's neckties a fashion accessory rather than a requirement. The record turnout of young voters in this election confirms how successfully Mr. Obama connected with young Americans.

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