Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Business and Promotional Calendars

How many calendars do you have in your home? How many are at your work place or office? I imagine the number of calendars is greater than you think. Calendars are in cars, offices, school, businesses, in wallets and purses, and libraries. In fact, just about anywhere you find people you will find a calendar. People need calendars. They look at them almost daily.
You, as a business person, can take advantage of that fact. With a simple magnetic promotional calendar that has your information on it, you can get your business name in front of hundreds or thousands of people. The beauty is that they will look at it numerous times, and each time they will see your name. They won't consciously read your business name and phone number each time, but they will be slowly burning it into their minds. It's a fact that an advertisement must be heard/seen many times before it becomes something the listener/viewer remembers it. Each time a person refers to your promotional calendar, they are becoming more familiar with you and your product or service.

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